Dinner Party Candle Tip

So you’re having some friends over for a dinner party and you want to set the mood with some candles. Thecandles create a great environment and everyone’s relaxed.

The only snag is the candles are burning way too quickly. So how do you burn candles for longer I hear you ask?

What you don’t want your candle to do

Burn candles for longer with a simple but effective tip…Pop the candles in the freezer for the day and they will last longer (approximately twice as long) when you burn them. Cooling them down also helps the candle burn straight down and prevents too much dripping for some but not all candles. Although this might not greatly alter your life, it’s a handy tip for people that buy expensive candles and want them to last longer. Let me know if the tip was handy and worked for you. I’ve tried it and can testify that it does actually work.


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